how to increase size of the root partition

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Operating Systems Solaris how to increase size of the root partition
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Old 01-11-2008
how to increase size of the root partition


we have a sunfire v880 server . we have a problem with root partion it showing 90% full. so anyone can help me how to increase the size of that partion.

NOTE: It is not in veritas & SVM control.


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Old 01-13-2008
First, what are all your mount points? If you have /var under /, instead of having /var as a separate filesystem, then your safest course would be to make /var separate from the root filesystem (assuming you have extra space available).

Post the output of df -k command and the OS/Version from the server OR
you could look at the different threads already posted and pick one that will work for you - example: increasing ufs file system size solaris
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Old 01-13-2008
maybe delete old files... logs... or something like this. also for better help post the output of "prtvtoc" and df -k".
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Old 08-15-2008
CPU & Memory how to increase the root partition size

if u want to increase root partion do one thing see the slice of root if it is s0 slice see what is next slice if it is swap or /var copy this slice to another slice and increase the cylenders of root partition and type grwofs command <growfs -M / /dev/rdsk/c#t#d#s#>

may be it is better
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Old 08-15-2008
your root partition contains ALL.
check the /var directories...remove old logs, crash dumps etc..
find / -size +100000 -print to find out the huge files r simply cd to the directories and run du -sk * |sort -rn |head
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Old 08-15-2008
this sounds oddly familiar. Smilie
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Old 08-15-2008
Thats abt it... whats so special of being filesystem full? its abt housekeeping in a systematic manner Smilie iTS my practise to rotate logs housekeep, backup etc etc.. every1 does that pupp.. Smilie

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