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test and .test in same directory

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Operating Systems Solaris test and .test in same directory
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Old 12-28-2007
Originally Posted by vikashtulsiyan
since "." is just an attribute to mark a file hidden why is unix allows creation of "file" and ".file" in the same directory
The leading "." is not an attribute, it is part of the filename. There is no "hidden attribute".

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atscc(1)						      General Commands Manual							  atscc(1)

atscc - ATS compiler frontend SYNOPSIS
atscc [options] files... DESCRIPTION
atscc is a frontend to the atsopt Anairiats compiler for the ATS language. OPTIONS
atscc has a command-line option syntax in the style of gcc and accepts all the same options, many of them being passed directly to the gcc backend. Here are summarized the non-gcc options. -cc, --compile Only compile the given ATS source files into C files. -D_ATS_GCATS Enable the garbage collector in the generated executable. -IATS <path> Add a path to search for ATS files when doing static and dynamic loads. -tc, --typecheck Typecheck the given ATS source files, but go no further. --version Show ATS/Anairiats version and gcc version. EXAMPLES
atscc -o test -O3 test.dats Compile test.dats to an executable named test. Tell gcc to use the third level of optimization. atscc -tc test.dats Typecheck test.dats only. atscc -o test.o -c test.dats Compile test.dats to an object file named test.o. SEE ALSO
atsopt(1), atslex(1), These programs are documented fully by The ATS/Anairiats user's manual available via the web at AUTHOR
atscc was written by Hongwei Xi. This manual page was written by Matthew Danish <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). February 22, 2010 atscc(1)

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