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libgnomespeech(3)		       C Library Functions			libgnomespeech(3)

       libgnomespeech - Library for interface of text-to-speech engines

       GNOME  Speech  aims  to	be  a general interface to various text-to-speech engines for the
       GNOME desktop.  It allows the simple speaking of text, as well  as  control  over  various
       speech parameters such as speech pitch, rate, and volume.

       Additional  information	is  also  available  from  the following site:


       The following files are used by this library:


	   Library for interface of text-to-speech engines

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE	     |	    ATTRIBUTE VALUE	   |
       |Availability		     |SUNWgnome-a11y-speech	   |
       |Interface stability	     |Volatile			   |

       test-speech(1), attributes(5), gnome-interfaces(5)

       gnome-speech is written by Marc Mulcahy and Michael Meeks.

SunOS 5.11				    7 Aug 2008				libgnomespeech(3)
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