Kill a particular process if it's over an hour hold

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Operating Systems Solaris Kill a particular process if it's over an hour hold
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Old 12-11-2007
Originally Posted by porter
I don't have a copy of Solaris 8 running here.

Can I suggest you debug it as I suggested?

Alternatively, post the result of

ps -ef -o "pid etime comm"

I did this it scrolls off the page and seems to work. I guess the problem I have is when I pipe the script out put through a grep to get the stashd process only?

But even when I do this

ps -ef -o "pid etime comm"

It comes out fine.

20983 31:15 /opt/ft/st414/bin/httpd
25370 9:21 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
13569 03:30:43 /opt/ft/st414/bin/httpd
28178 2-07:58:05 /usr/local/ctsa/control-sa/exe/Solaris-6/./p_ctscd
1394 7:09 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
14551 07:51:55 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agentd
20617 4:15 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
21487 20:46 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
27012 8:35 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
21264 4:00 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
3123 17:02 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd

ps -ef -o "pid etime comm" |grep stashd

15684 13:40 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
4402 0:52 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
15085 46:48 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
29392 2:35 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
213 53:29 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
24358 4:04 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
29983 19:05 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
17786 5:59 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
26796 20:06 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
4951 38:29 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
4824 0:40 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd
27276 9:28 /opt/ft/st414/bin/agents/stashd

There is a lot more output but didn't want to put all of it on the screen.
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Old 12-11-2007
You will have to put in the debug lines as I suggested, those ETIME formats look okay.
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Old 12-11-2007
I found this post.

syntax error on line 1, teletype - The UNIX Forums

But it doesn't say how to fix it.
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