Find cmd working in Linux and not in SunSolaris 5.8

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Operating Systems Solaris Find cmd working in Linux and not in SunSolaris 5.8
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Old 11-26-2007
Find cmd working in Linux and not in SunSolaris 5.8

find . -type f -mtime -1 -ls

command not working in sun solaris 5.8
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Old 11-26-2007
Have not got a Solaris 5.8 system to hand but this syntax works on a OpenSolaris 5.11 system and gives the expected output.

How is it not working for you? Invalid syntax or unexpected output?
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Old 11-26-2007
that should do your job:

root@mp-wst01 # find . -type f -mtime -1 -ls
14045606    8 -rw-------   1 root     root          412 Nov 26 12:19 ./svc/volatile/init.state
264194    4 -rw-r--r--   1 root     sys          3968 Nov 26 00:03 ./motd
272223    1 -rw-------   1 root     root          107 Nov 26 09:06 ./sfw/private/smbpasswd
root@mp-wst01 # find . -type f -mtime -1 -exec ls -lai {} \;
  14045606 -rw-------   1 root     root         412 Nov 26 12:19 ./svc/volatile/init.state
    264194 -rw-r--r--   1 root     sys         3968 Nov 26 00:03 ./motd
    272223 -rw-------   1 root     root         107 Nov 26 09:06 ./sfw/private/smbpasswd
root@mp-wst01 #

don't know what the second table in your "-ls" is, according to the man page, it should be the "size in kilobytes (1024 bytes)"... just look in the ls manpage to find what you want to be displayed...

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Old 11-26-2007
Works fine on my sol 8 system...
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Old 11-28-2007
me works too Smilie
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