how to know inteface name in ULTRA 20

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Operating Systems Solaris how to know inteface name in ULTRA 20
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Old 10-18-2007
Question how to know inteface name in ULTRA 20

hi friends,

I have brand new Sun Ultra 20 WS installed.
It was preinstalled with Solaris 10 6/06 system,

in ifconfig -a command only loop back intervace is showing.
/etc/path_to_install also not able to find the interface name.

my questions are:

1. Is there any command to get only interface name.
2. Do i have to install driver for my NIC if so how.

I also nead the URL path of the driver to download.

Please help me ASAP.......
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Old 10-18-2007
tra "dladm show-devs" or "dladm show-link"

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