Question about NTP

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Operating Systems Solaris Question about NTP
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Old 10-11-2007
Question about NTP

Hi i have question about NTP Client
OS: Solaris 10 (11/06)
I'm create /etc/inet/ntp.conf and remove /etc/inet/ntp.client
In ntp.conf :

# svcadm enable ntp
# svcs -a | grep ntp
online         12:48:16 svc:/network/ntp:default

# ntpq 
ntpq> associations
ind assID status  conf reach auth condition  last_event cnt
  1 61988  9014   yes   yes  none    insane   reachable  1
  2 61989  9014   yes   yes  none    insane   reachable  1

All worked now? I think yes, but i can check this and don't know how i can do it =(
I do :
# date
Thu Oct 11 13:39:09 ALMT 2007
# date 1107
Thu Oct 11 11:07:00 ALMT 2007
Ok, now i whant know in what period run synchronization with my NTP servers? And where i can set (this period)
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Old 10-16-2007
What does ntpq -p say?

You should see something like
* 2 u 24 1024 377 0.46 0.425 0.89 2 u 94 1024 377 1.04 0.680 0.96
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