will this script in crontab effect SUN 9??

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Operating Systems Solaris will this script in crontab effect SUN 9??
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Old 10-05-2007
will this script in crontab effect SUN 9??

Hi all,

I work in Sun Solaris 9. I am plan to put the following script(remove90dysOldrfiles.sh) in CRONTAB for removing huge huge number of files those are older than 90 days from different directory.
In the Crontab i will set the time for everymidnight it will search 90days older file and remove it from system.

But my confusion is how the Following script will work is it Like- every command for find and remove will execute one after another or parallel processing could be happen. If parallel processing could be occur than i scared CPU usage will be too much higer in system, which will effect the live system offcourse. Experts i need your earnest advise from you.Smilie

# vi /var/opt/remove90dysOldrfiles.sh

find /var/opt/backup/backup1 -name "USR*" -mtime +90 | xargs -n 100 rm -f
find /var/opt/backup/backup2 -name "CUST*" -mtime +90 | xargs -n 100 rm -f
find /var/opt/Mainbackup/backup3 -name "SUB*" -mtime +90 | xargs -n 100 rm -f
find /var/opt/backup/backup4 -name "GP*" -mtime +90 | xargs -n 100 rm -f
find /var/opt/Mainbackup/backup5 -name "AIR*" -mtime +90 | xargs -n 100 rm -f
find /var/opt/backup/backup6 -name "IN*" -mtime +90 | xargs -n 100 rm -f
find /var/opt/Mainbackup/backup7 -name "MS*" -mtime +90 | xargs -n 100 rm -f
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Old 10-05-2007
As you have it, each line will execute sequentially.

The "find" and "xargs" will run in parallel.

If you are concerned about impact on other processes then run using "nice".

man nice

as in

nice /var/opt/remove90dysOldrfiles.sh
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Old 10-05-2007
i think it's better to run every line directly from cron on different days (7 lines Smilie) or on different hours of the day. if you run them on times with low activity, everything should be fine....

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