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Deleting Files Older than 24 hours

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Operating Systems Solaris Deleting Files Older than 24 hours
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Old 09-27-2007
Hi mazhar803, I suggest reading the FAQs for the 'find' command.
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Deleting Files Older than 1 hours.

How to Deleting Files Older than 1 hours. Base on SunOS. this file gen every 1 min. -rw-r--r-- 1 nobody nobody 4960 Jan 27 02:02 23_201301270201.log -rw-r--r-- 1 nobody amudu 2325 Jan 27 02:03 33_201301270202.log -rw-r--r-- 1 nobody amudu 3255 Jan 27 02:03... (2 Replies)
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files older than few hours

Hi All I need to know the command which can be used to list the files which are 3 hours old so that it can be deleted. (3 Replies)
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Deleting files older than 6 hours

Hi All, I am using the below script to find all the files in a folder which are older than 6 hours and delete all those files, but some how I am not getting the required output. find $HOME/Log -type f -name "*.log" -amin +360 -exec rm *.* {} \ can any one please check and let me know... (13 Replies)
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if condition for files older then 24 hours in direc

Hi all I have directory /tmp and i have logs are written in it every 18 to 20 hours in date format. now i need write some if condition which can find which files came into /tmp dir with name start from LOG_`date`.log in last 24 hours. can somebody help me on this. (2 Replies)
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Find files older than 8 hours

I need a script to find files older than 8 hours... I know i can use mmin but the same is not working...the same only support mtime... This is the script i created..but the same is only giving 1 hour old..as I have given dt_H as 1 only...but if i give 8..it can go in -(negative)..how to get the... (5 Replies)
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Every day a new .zip file is uploaded to a folder and at mid-night the zip file is to be extracted into a /data/ folder, inside a date-named folder. # This should extract the contents of a zip file into the /data/ folder into a date based folder /usr/bin/unzip -a -o... (15 Replies)
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how to find files older than 2 hours

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removing files after 6 hours or older

What is the command to remove files that are generated 6 hours or older? The find and remove tells only how to remove if the file is one day old or more. Appreciate quick reply. Thanks (3 Replies)
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9. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Finding only those files older than 2 hours

I need to write a program that will only remove those files that are older than 2 hours. Is there some variation of find . -mtime ? -name '*' that I can use? Thanks as always for your help. Regards, Dave :) (2 Replies)
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Finding files older than 2 hours

I want to write a sh script that will find files older than 2 hours and tar them. I've had a look at the find man page but can't see how to do it by hours. Help please. Thanx (1 Reply)
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check-zone-expiration SYNOPSIS
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-m STRING --minimum-reporting=STRING Minimum reporting time, or else be silent for the zone COPYRIGHT
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Wes Hardaker, hardaker@tislabs.com SEE ALSO
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