Deleting Files Older than 24 hours

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Hi mazhar803, I suggest reading the FAQs for the 'find' command.
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uuclean(1M)															       uuclean(1M)

uuclean - uucp spool directory clean-up SYNOPSIS
The commands, including are targeted for removal from HP-UX; see the below. scans the spool directories for files with the specified prefix and deletes all those that are older than the specified number of hours. Options recognizes the following options: Clean directory instead of the spool directory. If directory is not a valid spool directory, it cannot contain ``work files''; i.e., files whose names start with These files have special meaning to pertaining to job statistics. Scan for files with pre as the file prefix. Up to 10 arguments can be specified. A without any pre following will cause all files older than the specified time to be deleted. Files whose age is more than time hours are deleted if the prefix test is satisfied (default time is 72 hours). The default action for is to remove files that are older than a specified time (see option). The option is used to find files older than time hours; however, the files are not deleted. If the argument file is present the warning is placed in file; oth- erwise, the warnings go to the standard output. Only files destined for system sys are examined. Up to 10 arguments can be specified. The option sends mail to the owner of the file when it is deleted. If a file is specified, an entry is placed in file. This program is typically started by (see cron(1M)). WARNINGS
Use of commands, including is discouraged because they are targeted for removal from HP-UX. Use ftp(1) or rcp(1) instead. FILES
spool directory SEE ALSO
uucp(1), uux(1), cron(1M), uucleanup(1M). Tim O'Reilly and Grace Todino, O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. USA. Grace Todino and Dale Dougherty, O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. USA. TO BE OBSOLETED uuclean(1M)

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