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Perl - How to uninstall? Will pkgrm uninstall all versions?

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Operating Systems Solaris Perl - How to uninstall? Will pkgrm uninstall all versions?
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Old 06-04-2007
Perl - How to uninstall? Will pkgrm uninstall all versions?


I'm working on a Solaris 9/Sparc machine and it has the Solaris 10 version of Perl (5.8.8) installed on it, which always requires all kinds of library files that Solaris 9 doesn't come with. I think the best way to do is to uninstall this wrong version and install the correct Solaris 9 version. How can I do this properly? PKGRM is the option I know, but will 'pkgrm perl' uninstall all versions of Perl including those two (5.0.0 something and 5.6.4) came with Solaris?


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Old 06-04-2007
pkginfo | grep perl, then pkgrm perl

I figured it out.

First, use 'pkginfo | grep perl' to check the package name, should be 'SMCperl', use 'pkginfo -l SMCperl' to confirm the version if desired.

Second, use 'pkgrm SMCperl' to uninstall.

Third, install the new version if needed.

It's always nice to find the solution by myself, so I will remember better. Smilie

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