T5-4 Bootloop with 11.4 Boot Environment

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Operating Systems Solaris T5-4 Bootloop with 11.4 Boot Environment
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Old 07-13-2019
[SOLVED] T5-4 Bootloop with 11.4 Boot Environment

TLDR: Patched a separate boot environment to 11.4. Activated and rebooted the system only to have it boot loop and show 11.3 on the patched boot environment.

Bootloop process: The system went down, came up showing 11.3 then spewed bunch of errors and resetted. SEE BELOW FOR THE FINAL MSG BEFORE AUTO REBOOT

BE = boot environment

This is a normal process for us to create a new boot environment, patch it, activate it and then boot to it. The update process was clean with running the history command
against the mounted boot environment. Once we were sure all users we off the system, we rebooted. The system had a bunch of messages as below:
WARNING: mod_load: cannot load module 'dev'

Warning - stack not written to the dumpbuf

This portion below was the final msg before system auto reset/reboot
Deferred dump not available.
dump subsystem not initialised

So what we had to do was shut the system down from console, start it up and get to "OK" prompt to manually switch back to the original
boot environment. We did attempt to boot the be with 11.4 but ran into the same issues.

What was strange is when the 11.4 be was booted, it showed 11.3 instead of 11.4. When we were able to boot into original be and check
the version of failed be, it shows 11.4Smilie

There was more msg than that but, don't want to give any confidential information out. Currently having support look into this but, it was strange. Thinking, maybe we should've updated to a middle release of 11.4 then trying to go for the latest.

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Old 07-16-2019
The problem was figured out.

The original boot environment was not clean itself. When a new boot environment was created,
it came with all the previous issues with the original. We've got a lot of work to do.
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