Update single zone in alternate boot environment.

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Operating Systems Solaris Update single zone in alternate boot environment.
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Old 10-30-2009
Update single zone in alternate boot environment.

I 'm having a weired situation my system has 8 zones, running fine on solaris x86_u4. I installed the live upgrade bundle patch and did a live upgrade. The new BE was created but it missed one of the zone and now if i mount the new BE i do not see that zone in the environment so my question is how do i copy my left out zone in the new BE.

Following are the o/p' for the same.
# zoneadm list -cv
0 global running / native shared
1 OTM3_wa_lab running /zones/app/OTM3_wa_lab native shared
2 OTM4_wa_lab running /zones/app/OTM4_wa_lab native shared
3 FMW3_db_lab running /zones/db/FMW3_db_lab native shared
4 FMW4_db_lab running /zones/db/FMW4_db_lab native shared
5 OID3_db_lab running /zones/db/OID3_db_lab native shared
6 FMW6_wa_lab running /zones/app/FMW6_wa_lab native shared
7 SEC4_db_lab running /zones/db/SEC4_db_lab native shared
8 OEM2_db_lab running /zones/db/OEM2_db_lab native shared

# df -h | grep /.alt
/dev/md/dsk/d20 15G 9.3G 5.3G 64% /.alt.Sol10_u6
/dev/md/dsk/d22 39G 24G 15G 62% /.alt.Sol10_u6/zones
swap 80G 28K 80G 1% /.alt.Sol10_u6/var/run
swap 80G 0K 80G 0% /.alt.Sol10_u6/tmp
swap 80G 4K 80G 1% /.alt.Sol10_u6/zones/app/OTM4_wa_lab/lu
swap 80G 4K 80G 1% /.alt.Sol10_u6/zones/db/FMW3_db_lab/lu
swap 80G 4K 80G 1% /.alt.Sol10_u6/zones/db/FMW4_db_lab/lu
swap 80G 4K 80G 1% /.alt.Sol10_u6/zones/db/OID3_db_lab/lu
swap 80G 4K 80G 1% /.alt.Sol10_u6/zones/app/FMW6_wa_lab/lu
swap 80G 4K 80G 1% /.alt.Sol10_u6/zones/db/SEC4_db_lab/lu
swap 80G 4K 80G 1% /.alt.Sol10_u6/zones/db/OEM2_db_lab/lu

the new BE is missing OTM3_wa_lab zone.
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Old 10-30-2009
what do you mean by
"but it missed one of the zone" ??
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Old 10-31-2009
While creating the boot environment it failed to copy that particular zone and error was cannot copy zone.
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Old 10-31-2009
It should be able to, thus, its better to investiate why it failed, then re-create the BE. Rather than thinking of a workaround. If possible, provide the exact error on the log. Or I think it was due to some open files or I/O writing through.. Mainly that would be the reason. Why not try lucreate again?
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