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Guest LDOMS on same subnet cant ping eachother

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Operating Systems Solaris Guest LDOMS on same subnet cant ping eachother
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Old 03-01-2015
Guest LDOMS on same subnet cant ping eachother

Hi all,

New to this forum.

I have just been reading through a historical thread about some issues with IPMP.

Some tips from "Peasant" where very useful. Please see below

"Just couple of more hints regarding VM.
For VDS, use one VDS - one guest LDOM, don't put everything in primary-vds.
Disable extended-mappin-space everywhere since i noticed sometimes live migration fails with this on.
You might want to disable INTER-VNET-LINK (to off)
I had a situation when network between two guests, that reside same physical machine on the same subnet, just stops working.
I have ran some internal test with those two options on/off (which should improve network throughput), and didn't notice any
performance gains, only experienced issue above.  Depends on which patchset you are, perhaps those issues are now fixed.

The issue I am having is that two Guest LDOMS which have IP addresses in h same subnet/range are unable to ping each other. They can ping all other LDOM Guets, control/ Service etc. but not each other.

Actually, before i switched off INTER-VNET-LINK=off then they would just crash.

We have two IO domains with aggregated ports using IPMP

Please let me know what info you require and I hope you can help. Some details below:

First Guest Domain = Sneezy
    NAME             MAC               NET-DEV   ID   DEVICE     LINKPROP   DEFAULT-VLAN-ID PVID VID                  MTU   MODE   INTER-VNET-LINK
    primary-vsw50    00:14:4f:f9:c0:79 aggr0     0    switch@0              1               1    50                   1500         off
    NAME             MAC               NET-DEV   ID   DEVICE     LINKPROP   DEFAULT-VLAN-ID PVID VID                  MTU   MODE   INTER-VNET-LINK
    secondary-vsw50  00:14:4f:fb:21:17 aggr0     0    switch@0              1               1    50                   1500         off
    NAME             SERVICE                     ID   DEVICE     MAC               MODE   PVID VID                  MTU   LINKPROP
    vnet0            primary-vsw50@primary       0    network@0  00:14:4f:f9:1a:0b        50                        1500  phys-state
    vnet1            secondary-vsw50@secondary   1    network@1  00:14:4f:fa:92:25        50                        1500  phys-state

Second guest domain on different host= sleepy
admin@lannister:~$ ldm list -o network
    NAME             MAC               NET-DEV   ID   DEVICE     LINKPROP   DEFAULT-VLAN-ID PVID VID                  MTU   MODE   INTER-VNET-LINK
    primary-vsw50    00:14:4f:fa:c3:20 aggr0     0    switch@0              1               1    50                   1500         off
    NAME             MAC               NET-DEV   ID   DEVICE     LINKPROP   DEFAULT-VLAN-ID PVID VID                  MTU   MODE   INTER-VNET-LINK
    secondary-vsw50  00:14:4f:f9:a8:69 aggr0     0    switch@0              1               1    50                   1500         off
    NAME             SERVICE                     ID   DEVICE     MAC               MODE   PVID VID                  MTU   LINKPROP
    vnet0            primary-vsw50@primary       0    network@0  00:14:4f:fa:92:25        50                        1500  phys-state
    vnet1            secondary-vsw50@secondary   1    network@1  00:14:4f:f9:1a:0b        50                        1500  phys-state

admin@lannister:~$ ldm -V
Logical Domains Manager (v
        Hypervisor control protocol v 1.11
        Using Hypervisor MD v 1.4
System PROM:
        Hostconfig      v. 1.4.0        @(#)Hostconfig 1.4.0 2014/04/04 17:51
        Hypervisor      v. 1.13.0.a     @(#)Hypervisor 1.13.0.a 2014/04/08 14:05
        OpenBoot        v. 4.36.0       @(#)OpenBoot 4.36.0 2014/04/04 15:50

Other useful information that may help.

admin@lannister:~$ dladm show-aggr
aggr0             trunk L2       auto                 active       short
admin@lannister:~$ dladm show-vlan
LINK                VID      OVER                FLAGS
aggr5000            50       aggr0               -----

admin@lannister:~$ dladm
LINK                CLASS     MTU    STATE    OVER
net0                phys      1500   up       --
net1                phys      1500   up       --
net2                phys      1500   up       --
aggr5000            vlan      1500   up       aggr0
aggr0               aggr      1500   up       net0 net1

admin@lannister:~$ dladm show-phys
LINK              MEDIA                STATE      SPEED  DUPLEX    DEVICE
net0              Ethernet             up         10000  full      ixgbe0
net1              Ethernet             up         10000  full      ixgbe1
net2              Ethernet             up         10000  full      vsw0

Many thanks

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This has now been solved.

It was due to duplicate ldom mac address (vnet mac addresses). Needed to manually change those using ldm set-vnet mac-addr=

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Old 03-02-2015
That is strange, you should have no need to setup mac addresses 'by hand'.
Have you setuped some of your macs by hand and other automatically ?

Few more hints to avoid problems in future.
If you have multiple physical hosts (hypervisors) and one or more ldoms can be migrated / imported to other, be sure to export the configuration of everything daily into a file
ldm list-services -l ldom# this will provide additional information, especially HOSTID.
ldm -x list-constraints ldom # for import of ldom on another physical machine.

hostid is important here cause a change can happen if you don't migrate the machine (ldm migrate) to a new host, but import it from configuration file, can cause for zpools not to import during boot (rpool should import, but every other zpool will require manual work.)

Hope that helps

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Old 03-02-2015
Hi peasant

All mac addresses have been setup automatically up to now. I know there it is supposed to do some form of subnet scan for used MAC address but clearly this is not doing that. We have 4 T5-2 servers.

Many thanks for the extra tips!
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Old 03-02-2015
Be sure to check that all 4 hypervisor are in the same subnet for their network (primary domain network not ldoms).

Per documentation, each domain manager sends a multicast with MAC he wants to give to new ldom, if it is busy on other domain manager will respond and it will iterate to the next.

Collision can occur if one or more logical domain managers (physical hosts)are down, and you are creating ldom on a working domain manager.
In theory, since 2 hosts are down and are not aware of new ldom being created on another host, but i have never experienced this in practice.
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Old 03-02-2015
All four T5-2 servers are on the same Subnet. One thing to mention is that all four have two IO/Service domains. Again the alternate IO domain is also on the same subnet.

Can you please elaborate a little on what you mentioned regarding taking XML backups of each LDOM every night please?

Is there anyway to check if the multicast is happening or not, as it clearly is not I think?

Many thanks
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Old 03-03-2015
Regarding backups, you just need to run the commands i gave you with standard unix redirection > to a file.

Those are plain XML files with your configuration, put it somewhere you can access it @ all times (like small FC zpool, or a tape backup)

Think about it, if you put gzip compression or even better deduplication on zfs fileset sized 1 GB, you can probably save configurations there for the next 10 years daily without deleting anything Smilie

You should be able to tcpdump for multicast traffic on your network, there are examples online.
Unfortunately, since i'm on leave, i cannot offer practical assistance with the dump for the next seven days.

There is also some code provided by Oracle to do the same, probably this is the way how ldmd communicate to each other:
Discovering Systems Running the Logical Domains Manager - Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0 Administration Guide

Hope that helps
This User Gave Thanks to Peasant For This Post:
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Old 03-13-2015
Peasant, many thanks for the comment. Its a huge help.

I am somwhat struggling to identify how to fix this issue I have with conflicting IP addresses. I have read the link you posted but am struggling how to apply it.

I created a new LDOM today and yet again it had a conflicting mac address with a LDOM on a different host, but on the same subnet ip range.

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