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Old 10-28-2013
Inventory details - Solaris

i need to extract following information through command line on solaris machine :
1.manufacturer name (hardware as well as OS)
2.Model number
3.Serial number - Serial Number of the device or the Physical device serial number for Virtual Servers
4.whether the server is physical or virtual - Identify if this is a Physical Machine a Virtual Machine or the Logical Instance.
5.Cluster Name - If the server is within a Cluster enter the Cluster Name
6.Server name, ID tag or unique identifier used in the Asset (CMDB) system
7.Instance Name - If this is an Instance of a Server, enter the Server Instance Name
8.physical location of the server
9.operating system version and edition
10.Licensing Mode - Identify the licensing mode the Product has been set up for, e.g.. Per User, Per Device, Per Server, Per Seat, Per Processor or Per Core
11.Number of Physical Processors
12.Number of Cores / Virtual Cores Allocated
13.Product Function - unction of the product or server. E.g. Domain Controller, ISA Server, SMS Server, Exchange Server etc
14.Publisher - Publisher name of the Application hosted / installed including the Operating System
15.Application - Name of the Application hosted / installed including the Operating System
16.Version / Edition - Version or Edition of the Application hosted / installed.
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Old 10-28-2013
Run an explorer which is part of the service tools bundle.
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Old 10-28-2013
thanks...Smilie.but i am trying to retrive all the above information through command(s) as i will be using these commands in a shell script which will be used by Tivoli endpoint manager to display the extracted data on the console.

can someone help with few set of commands which can extract the required data
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Old 10-28-2013
The explorer will do just that. You only need to run it and figure out how the information is obtained. But some of your requirements are not possible to get by a command. others are easy and you should know how to get the information.
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