Unable to find utilized disk space on zone server.

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Operating Systems Solaris Unable to find utilized disk space on zone server.
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Old 09-13-2013
Unable to find utilized disk space on zone server.


I am unable to find remaining space on solaris 10. below is output.

I am facing this issue on zone server.
bash-3.00# df -h /
 Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on
 / 59G 59G 0K 100% /
 bash-3.00# pwd
 bash-3.00# du -sh *
 1K File_Stores
 19K TT_DB
 9K app
 1K bin
 752K dep.h2.db
 64K dev
 53M etc
 3.1G export
 1K home
 25M lib
 1K mnt
 1K net
 151M opt
 377K platform
 3.0G proc
 793K sbin
 31K system
 14K test.h2.db
 208K tmp
 1021M u01
 2.7G usr
 1.4G var
 bash-3.00# format
 Searching for disks...done
 No disks found!

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Old 09-13-2013
Do you have root access to the global zone that this zone resides on?
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Old 09-16-2013
Yes I am having root access to the global zone that this zone resides on,

can you please suggest what needs to be checekd on global zone?
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Old 09-16-2013
On the global zone, running
df -k
zpool list
zfs list

would be a good start.
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Old 09-16-2013
Thanks Jlliagre.
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