Unable to remove package in Solaris-10

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Old 08-06-2013
Unable to remove package in Solaris-10

I am installing a IBM package (ILMT) on Solaris-10 box, which is having few non global zones. It is not allowing me to remove old package and not allowing me to install new one.
root@pqdb_s50:/root# pkgrm ILMT-TAD4D-agent
## Waiting for up to <300> seconds for package administration commands to become available (another user is administering packages on zone <pqdb_s50-zrpp10>)
pkgrm: ERROR: ERROR: Unable to acquire package administration lock for zone <pqdb_s50-zrpp10>; please try again later
pkgrm: ERROR: ERROR: Unable to acquire lock on non-global zone <pqdb_s50-zrpp10>: releasing all locks
pkgrm: ERROR: unable to lock zones to perform operations

1 package was not processed!
pqdb_s50-zrpp10 is one of its non global zone. I have already deleted /var/sadm/install/.lockfile and /tmp/.ai.pkg.zone.lock-afdb66cf-1dd1-11b2-a049-000d560ddc3e files. But /tmp/.ai.pkg.zone.lock-afdb66cf-1dd1-11b2-a049-000d560ddc3e keeps coming back, whenever I am running pkgrm.
How should I remove this ?
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Old 08-06-2013
make sure that there is nobody in the non-global zone actually doing something with that package then rerun pkgrm -A ILMT-TAD4D-agent
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Old 08-06-2013
No luck. This instance is installed in non-global zone also. I tried stopping services (old) and removing it from non-global zone first. There also, it is giving same error.
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Old 08-06-2013
unless somebody here has a better alternative ...

if you could reboot the non-global zone without consequence, reboot it and then retry the pkgrm ...

if still an issue, you may have to remove the package the hard way by actually deleting the ILMT-TAD4D-agent directory under /var/sadm/pkg and then rerunning the pkgrm -A command if pkginfo still lists the package ...
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Old 08-06-2013
I just noticed, when I was trying to remove/install in few more servers. I am facing this issue when ITLM is installed in global as well as any of its zone also.
on other servers, where it is installed only on global or only on non-global, there is no problem.
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Old 08-06-2013
It doesn't recognize switch
/# pkgrm -G ILMT-TAD4D-agent
pkgrm: illegal option -- G
        pkgrm [-a admin] [-n] [[-M|-A] -R host_path] [-V fs_file] [-v] [-Y category[,category ...] | pkg [pkg ...]]
        pkgrm -s spool [-Y category[,category ...] | pkg [pkg ...]]

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