ALOM password reset

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Operating Systems Solaris ALOM password reset
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Old 09-28-2011
ALOM password reset

Hi ,

How to reset ALOM/SC password for Solaris box Sun Fire T-200

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Old 09-28-2011
Hey there, I am assuming you need to reset admin password as you have lost it?
Steps are many, so if you can get hold of T-2000 manual look at Appendix A, but here is step by step:

1. Connect to the SC serial port and be ready to press the ESC key.
2. unplug all power from the T2000
3. You must be quick to complete the next step....
4. plug 1 or both power cords in then run to the console.
5. Within 5-10 seconds of power, keep pressing ESC until you see a short menu appear
6. press "e" to erase ALOM NVRAM settings
7. press "r" to continue booting with the ALOM reset to factory defaults.
8. Reconfigure ALOM to your required settings.
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Old 09-29-2011
I am not in front of the box. It is located at remote location. How to SC password from normal shell of the host.
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Old 09-29-2011
if you can reach the runnig solaris as root on the machine, you should be able to run the "scadm" command...
scadm help

should give you some hints...
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Old 09-29-2011
I tried the scadm command but output says no command found.

#cd /usr/platform/`uname -i`/
#scadm help
bash: scadm: no command found
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Old 09-29-2011
yeah... just looked into the systemhandbook... there is indeed no commandline tool from solaris to work with the alom. the only password reset method is the already mentioned one with a serial line.
you should check if there is a serial line to the server via a terminal server. if not, you have to go onsite...
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