Upgrade java version on solaris 10 SPARC

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Operating Systems Solaris Upgrade java version on solaris 10 SPARC
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Old 09-22-2011
Setting Path on Solaris and Linux
To find out if the java executable is in your PATH, execute:
% java -version

This will print the version of the java executable, if it can find it. If you get error java: Command not found. Then path is not properly set.

To find out which java executable the first one found in your PATH, execute:
% which java

Below are the steps to set the PATH permanently,
Note: We are here giving instructions for two most popular Shells on Linux and Solaris.
Please visit link below if you are using any other shells.
Path Setting Tutorial

For bash Shell:

Edit the startup file (~/ .bashrc)
Modify PATH variable:
export PATH
Save and close the file
Open new Terminal window
Verify the PATH is set properly
% java -version

For C Shell (csh):

Edit startup file (~/ .cshrc)
Set Path
set path=(/usr/local/jdk1.6.0/bin )
Save and Close the file
Open new Terminal window
Verify the PATH is set properly
% java -version

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