FMA error

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Operating Systems Solaris FMA error
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Old 09-02-2011
FMA error

Hi All,

What is FMA error in Solaris 10 and how to detect and rectify it.
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Old 09-26-2011
Good place to start is man page for fmadm.

#man fmadm

System Administration Commands                          fmadm(1M)

     fmadm - fault management configuration tool

     fmadm [-q] [subcommand [arguments]]

     The fmadm utility can be used by administrators and  service
     personnel to view and modify system configuration parameters
     maintained  by  the  Solaris  Fault  Manager,  fmd(1M).  fmd
     receives telemetry information relating to problems detected
     by the system software, diagnoses these problems,  and  ini-
     tiates  proactive  self-healing activities such as disabling
     faulty components.

     fmadm can be used to:

         o    view the set of diagnosis engines and  agents  that
              are currently participating in fault management,

         o    view the list of system components that  have  been
              diagnosed as faulty, and

         o    perform administrative tasks related to these enti-

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Old 09-26-2011
Posting a reply that simply (and only) directs the original poster to a man page is discouraged here. Simple stated, don't do it without adding additional value. We don't permit RT*M type of replies here in The UNIX and Linux Forums. Thanks for supporting the spirit of the forums.

In addition, when providing links to man pages, use our forum's internal man pages. Don't provide links to external sites when the same information is found better formatted here.
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