T5220 disk mapping issue

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Operating Systems Solaris T5220 disk mapping issue
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Old 08-22-2011
T5220 disk mapping issue


More a Sun T5220 problem then a Solaris 10 problem, but perhaps someone had a similar issue.

For starters the output with 1 disk in slot 0 of the server.
It points to PhyNum 5, where I would expect PhyNum 0.

{0} ok probe-scsi

MPT Version 1.05, Firmware Version

Target 5
Unit 0   Disk     HITACHI H101414SCSUN146GSA25    286739329 Blocks, 146 GB
  SASAddress 5000cca000820b05  PhyNum 5

In total I have 8 disks (4x 146GB and 4x 300GB) and when slotted they all show an unexpected PhyNum.

A second server that I have installed shows the 'correct' mapping.
I need them to be exactly the same.
Also the ZFS settings will be different and I cannot have that.

Anyone that came across this and knows a solution ?


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Old 08-22-2011
i've had this with a faulty disk... pull 4 disks and check the remaining. if they are shown as expected, try it vice versa.
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Old 08-23-2011
Thanks for the suggestion.
In my case it did not help.

I decided to open the box and found that the SCSI cables weren't correctly connected.
I swapped them and now everything is okay.
It is a refurbished machine and this has slipped through the quality control, if there is any.
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