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Operating Systems Solaris ping
# 8  
Old 07-31-2011
Adding an Internet host to /etc/hosts is a broken approach. It might be useful to fix a temporary name service issue but it is nothing more than a temporary workaround.

What is the problem you are trying to solve ?
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Old 07-31-2011
Thanks Jlliagre...

im just trying to work on same issue, but i can ping when i add it to /etc/hosts,
is it ok to add??
Or you can help with another option....
# 10  
Old 07-31-2011
The correct way is to have the DNS properly configured.
# 11  
Old 07-31-2011
Thanks again for replying ...jlliagre..

Im new to Solaris, can you help me with the proper way to configure DNS(step-by-step).

thanks again..
# 12  
Old 07-31-2011
That depends. Is it a server (static IP) or a laptop/workstation (dynamic IP) ?
How are the other machines on your network configured regarding the DNS ?
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Old 07-31-2011
Thanks jlliagre....

The issue is " user like to run a script on a server, and on this server when i try to ping, shows unknown host". Vendor mentioned The script gonna use this site to complete installation.

Let me know ::
1. why it shows UNKNOWN HOST from server when i tried to ping.
2. If it is a Firewall BLOCK, how can i go ahead to fix firewall.
3. if there is anything else.. please suggest me ...

# 14  
Old 08-01-2011
Pinging an http address doesn't make sense. Please clarify what you precisely do and how it fails.
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