PASSWORD LOOPof Oracle account

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Operating Systems Solaris PASSWORD LOOPof Oracle account
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Old 07-18-2011
PASSWORD LOOPof Oracle account

hi ...can anyone help me with this..

i have to create a oracle account, whose passwd should be in oracle password loop

i know how to create account but i got stuck with oracle password loop

so please help me ASAP...

thanks in advance..
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dsenableroot(8) 					    BSD System Manager's Manual 					   dsenableroot(8)

dsenableroot -- enables or disables the root account. SYNOPSIS
dsenableroot [-d] [-u username] [-p password] [-r rootPassword] DESCRIPTION
dsenableroot sets the password for the root account if enabling the root user account. Otherwise, if disable [-d] is chosen, the root account passwords are removed and the root user is disabled. A list of flags and their descriptions: -u username Username of a user that has administrative privileges on this computer. -p password Password to use in conjunction with the specified username. If this is not specified, you will be prompted for entry. -r rootPassword Password to be used for the root account. If this is not specified for enabling, you will be prompted for entry. EXAMPLES
-dsenableroot Your username will be used and you will be queried for both your password and the new root password to be set to enable the root account. -dsenableroot -d Your username will be used and you will be queried for only your password to disable the root account. -dsenableroot -u username -p userpassword -r rootpassword The supplied arguments will be used to enable the root account. -dsenableroot -d -u username -p userpassword The supplied arguments will be used to disable the root account. Mac OS August 08 2003 Mac OS

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