PASSWORD LOOPof Oracle account

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Operating Systems Solaris PASSWORD LOOPof Oracle account
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Old 07-18-2011
PASSWORD LOOPof Oracle account

hi ...can anyone help me with this..

i have to create a oracle account, whose passwd should be in oracle password loop

i know how to create account but i got stuck with oracle password loop

so please help me ASAP...

thanks in advance..
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NEWGRP(1)							   User Commands							 NEWGRP(1)

newgrp - log in to a new group SYNOPSIS
newgrp [-] [group] DESCRIPTION
The newgrp command is used to change the current group ID during a login session. If the optional - flag is given, the user's environment will be reinitialized as though the user had logged in, otherwise the current environment, including current working directory, remains unchanged. newgrp changes the current real group ID to the named group, or to the default group listed in /etc/passwd if no group name is given. newgrp also tries to add the group to the user groupset. If not root, the user will be prompted for a password if she does not have a password (in /etc/shadow if this user has an entry in the shadowed password file, or in /etc/passwd otherwise) and the group does, or if the user is not listed as a member and the group has a password. The user will be denied access if the group password is empty and the user is not listed as a member. If there is an entry for this group in /etc/gshadow, then the list of members and the password of this group will be taken from this file, otherwise, the entry in /etc/group is considered. CONFIGURATION
The following configuration variables in /etc/login.defs change the behavior of this tool: SYSLOG_SG_ENAB (boolean) Enable "syslog" logging of sg activity. FILES
/etc/passwd User account information. /etc/shadow Secure user account information. /etc/group Group account information. /etc/gshadow Secure group account information. SEE ALSO
id(1), login(1), su(1), sg(1), gpasswd(1), group(5), gshadow(5). shadow-utils 05/25/2012 NEWGRP(1)