is x11 and vnc different?

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Operating Systems Solaris is x11 and vnc different?
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Old 06-24-2011
is x11 and vnc different?

is x11 and vnc different?

to my knowledge these are used to provide graphical interface to remote machines for the user who would be sitting some where else. i guess i understood the concept correctly? if not please correct me..

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i am confused with these terms.. xvfb , x11 , vnc , xvnc how are they related.. i googled but it is making me more confused can some one please explain these terms and how are they related..
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Old 06-24-2011
If your post isn't answered immediately, wait! You agreed not to bump posts when you registered here, none of us are "on call".

x11 is the standard UNIX window server. It mostly amounts to a device driver. Window manager software like Gnome, KDE, and Fluxbox all work on top of it.

vnc is something used to communicate window sessions between two computers, it's not a window server of its own. It's not just limited to X11, VNC clients and servers exist for Windows as well.

xvfb is a variant of x11, with only a virtual/fake screen, used for testing purposes. Sometimes it's used in concert with vnc, so you can run graphical software on a remote machine that doesn't have any graphical hardware.
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Old 06-24-2011
Corona688.. actually after creating that thread few new doubts came thats why updated my post.. Sorry for that..

if want to access my vmware solaris box from my windows xp machine through x window. what all set up i would need for that?

Thanks in advance.. and i apologize once again..
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Old 06-24-2011
I use TightVNC viewer and setup VNC like this: How to Use VNC on Solaris |

I recall there being 2 errors. I did not use the GDM section, and in the "Starting VNC with Solaris 10" there was a typo where "astring" is "astrong" heh. Can't recall the 2nd error I found...

I suppose another method is to get a Windows Xserver ...

Edit: Well actually it's probably not a good idea to follow that exactly anyway since the VNC is unsecure after the initial login anyone could view your session that way.. I'll just shut up now. :\
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