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Restoring a Root File System that was on a metadevice

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Operating Systems Solaris Restoring a Root File System that was on a metadevice
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Old 06-07-2011
Restoring a Root File System that was on a metadevice

Hello I use Solaris 10. I need to restore the root file system, but I don't know how . i can only boot the server in safe mode or with the cd (ok boot cdrom -s)

Do you guys know a good procedure, I don't want to break the mirrors.

( the server is not a cluster).

Its an emergency, i would appreciate a quick help
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Old 06-07-2011
What errors do you get when trying to boot multiuser mode?
# 3  
Old 06-07-2011
I get the error bellow, and most of the commands don't work

WARNING: system call missing from bind file
WARNING: Cannot mount /etc/dfs/sharetab

Failed to configure IPv4 interface(s): e1000g0
NOTICE: nxge0: xcvr addr:0x0d - link is down
NOTICE: nxge1: xcvr addr:0x0c - link is down
Hostname: tn-06
NOTICE: nxge0: xcvr addr:0x0d - link is up 100 Mbps full duplex
NOTICE: nxge1: xcvr addr:0x0c - link is up 100 Mbps full duplex

WARNING: The following files in / differ from the boot archive:

The recommended action is to reboot to the failsafe archive to correct
the above inconsistency. To accomplish this, on a GRUB-based platform,
reboot and select the "Solaris failsafe" option from the boot menu.
On an OBP-based platform, reboot then type "boot -F failsafe". Then
follow the prompts to update the boot archive. Alternately, to continue
booting at your own risk, you may clear the service by running:
"svcadm clear system/boot-archive"

Jun 7 15:24:41 svc.startd[7]: svc:/system/boot-archive:default: Method "/lib/svc/method/boot-archive" failed with exit status 95.
Jun 7 15:24:41 svc.startd[7]: system/boot-archive:default failed fatally: transitioned to maintenance (see 'svcs -xv' for details)
Requesting System Maintenance Mode
(See /lib/svc/share/README for more information.)
Console login service(s) cannot run

Root password for system maintenance (control-d to bypass): Jun 7 15:24:42 svc.startd[7]: svc:/network/iscsi/initiator:default: Method "/lib/svc/method/iscsid" failed with exit status 255.
Jun 7 15:24:42 svc.startd[7]: svc:/network/iscsi/initiator:default: Method "/lib/svc/method/iscsid" failed with exit status 255.
Jun 7 15:24:42 svc.startd[7]: svc:/network/iscsi/initiator:default: Method "/lib/svc/method/iscsid" failed with exit status 255.
Jun 7 15:24:42 svc.startd[7]: network/iscsi/initiator:default failed: transitioned to maintenance (see 'svcs -xv' for details)
WARNING: ncp0: unable to determine ncp (cpu) binding (ncp)
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i tried to do run "svcadm clear system/boot-archive" in falsafe mode, but it didn't work
# 4  
Old 06-07-2011
You have to rebuild the boot archive first. After logging into single user mode, run this:
bootadm update-archive -f

Then clear the service state and reboot the system.
# 5  
Old 06-07-2011
ok here is what i did

# OK boot failsafe -F
#bootadm update-archive -f
# svcadm clear system/boot-archive

this is what i get
svcadm: Instance "svc:/system/boot-archive:default" is not in a maintenance or degraded state.

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