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FC card showing "Not connected"


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Old Unix and Linux 05-25-2011   -   Original Discussion by paidbythehour
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FC card showing "Not connected"

Hi there,

I have a Sun StorageTek 2501 plugged into a V440 (Solaris 10) via fiber and a crossover cable. This array worked fine for the past year, until I tried to install a second fiber card last night. Both cards came up OK in the OS, but I was no longer able to see my array.

I decided to remove the newly installed card so I could troubleshoot the original configuration. The problem that I'm having is that the fiber card doesn't see any physical connection to the array:

bash-3.00# fcinfo hba-port -l
HBA Port WWN: 2100001b320a45ee
        OS Device Name: /dev/cfg/c3
        Manufacturer: QLogic Corp.
        Model: QLA2460
        Firmware Version: 4.0.23
        FCode/BIOS Version: QLA2460 Host Adapter Driver(SPARC): 1.24  11/15/06
        Type: unknown
        State: offline
        Supported Speeds: 1Gb 2Gb 4Gb
        Current Speed: not established
        Node WWN: 2000001b320a45ee
        Link Error Statistics:
                Link Failure Count: 0
                Loss of Sync Count: 0
                Loss of Signal Count: 0
                Primitive Seq Protocol Error Count: 0
                Invalid Tx Word Count: 0
                Invalid CRC Count: 0

bash-3.00# modinfo | grep -i qlc
 93 7ba9c000  cdff8 299   1  qlc (SunFC Qlogic FCA v20060630-2.16)

bash-3.00# cfgadm -al
Ap_Id                          Type         Receptacle   Occupant     Condition
c0                             scsi-bus     connected    configured   unknown
c0::dsk/c0t0d0                 CD-ROM       connected    configured   unknown
c1                             scsi-bus     connected    configured   unknown
c1::dsk/c1t0d0                 disk         connected    configured   unknown
c1::dsk/c1t1d0                 disk         connected    configured   unknown
c1::dsk/c1t2d0                 disk         connected    configured   unknown
c1::dsk/c1t3d0                 disk         connected    configured   unknown
c2                             scsi-bus     connected    unconfigured unknown
c3                             fc           connected    unconfigured unknown
usb0/1                         unknown      empty        unconfigured ok
usb0/2                         unknown      empty        unconfigured ok
usb1/1                         unknown      empty        unconfigured ok
usb1/2                         unknown      empty        unconfigured ok

bash-3.00# luxadm -e port
/devices/pci@1d,700000/SUNW,qlc@1/fp@0,0:devctl                    NOT CONNECTED

The LED"s on the back of the QLogic card are all blinking at once. I found something on the Qlogic support forum that says this means there's no physical connection.

The LED's on the array also show no activity on the fiber port.

Does anyone have suggestions? I've tried three cables now with no luck.
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Old Unix and Linux 05-25-2011   -   Original Discussion by paidbythehour
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What's the status on the array? Can you see it on CAM or SANtricity?

Also, if you have a FC switch, try plugging the HBA into that. The SFP on the HBA could be dead.
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