SAN connection - configuring fibre attached hard drive

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Operating Systems Solaris SAN connection - configuring fibre attached hard drive
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SAN connection - configuring fibre attached hard drive

Hi All,

I recently got a connection to the SAN through a fibre channel on my solaris box:

#luxadm -e port
/devices/pci@1d,700000/SUNW,qlc@1/fp@0,0:devctl CONNECTED
#ls -l /dev/cfg
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 48 Feb 23 12:31 c4 -> ../../devices/pci@1d,700000/SUNW,qlc@1/fp@0,0:fc

I then formatted the attached hard drive but I still can't see it when I use the df command. Ideally I would like to see it as '/attached'... Any help greatly appreciated!

Solaris newbie
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The 'df' command only shows mounted filesystems. You must create a filesystem with newfs and mount it with mount.
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I knew I was missing something Smilie.

The disk I need to newfs is named c4t50060E800589B220d0 but when I go ls /dev/dsk/ I see c4t50060E800589B220d0sX where 0<=X<=7. I remember reading something about the naming convention and I am sure that the number after the 's' means something but I have no idea which one to choose for newfs...

Also, I would like to replace an existing filesystem with the new one and I would like to have all current data moved as well. What's the easiest way to do it? I'd rather not move everything to external storage, remove old filesystem, create a new one and move the data over...

EDIT: I figured it out, I newfsed the second slice and mounted it with a temp name, I will move the data over, delete the old filesystem and rename the temp filesystem. Thanks bluescreen for pointing me in the right direction.

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