100% memory usage in prstat

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Operating Systems Solaris 100% memory usage in prstat
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Old 11-03-2009
100% memory usage in prstat

Hi Guys,

I have observed the Oracle (DB USER) is utilizing 100% of the memory in the prstat -a output. I am bit confused is it normal and if not how to bring it down? ABout the machine it is a SunOS 5.10 Generic_125100-10 sun4v sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-T200.

Please see below output of prstat -a
I have made bold the utilization...

bash-3.00# prstat -a
 26879 sogadm    517M  416M sleep   59    0  74:17:12 5.7% java/50
 29064 sogadm    278M  176M sleep   59    0  22:58:58 1.2% java/117
 11385 sogadm     53M   40M sleep   59    0   3:19:10 0.3% FDSServer/101
  1471 root     8752K 8752K cpu1    39    0   0:00:03 0.2% prstat/1
   228 root     7192K 4088K sleep   59    0   1:53:48 0.1% nscd/28
  5956 emadba     44M   25M sleep   59  -20   1:21:04 0.1% ocssd.bin/15
 21113 sogadm    220M  121M cpu0    59    0   0:37:36 0.1% PluginContainer/214
 11387 sogadm     52M   38M sleep   59    0   0:45:20 0.1% FDSServer/77
  2383 root     1464K  768K sleep   50    0   0:43:41 0.0% init.cssd/1
 11688 emadba   1160M  907M sleep   59    0   0:38:00 0.0% oracle/1
  5691 root       70M   55M sleep   59    0   1:01:34 0.0% crsd.bin/45
 22319 sogadm    568M  544M sleep   59    0   0:23:20 0.0% PluginContainer/181
  5794 emadba     36M   18M sleep   59    0   0:37:22 0.0% oclsomon.bin/1
  8924 emadba   1160M 1107M sleep   59    0   0:29:25 0.0% oracle/1
 11682 emadba   1153M  903M sleep   59    0   0:28:41 0.0% oracle/1
     1 root     2504K  696K sleep   59    0   0:25:51 0.0% init/1
 11808 emadba   1152M  902M sleep   59    0   0:30:46 0.0% oracle/1
 11737 emadba   1162M  902M sleep  100    -   0:22:48 0.0% oracle/1
 11729 emadba   1162M  902M sleep  100    -   0:22:55 0.0% oracle/1
 11725 emadba   1162M  902M sleep  100    -   0:22:51 0.0% oracle/1
 11733 emadba   1162M  902M sleep  100    -   0:22:47 0.0% oracle/1
  8961 emadba   1162M 1102M sleep  100    -   0:23:28 0.0% oracle/1
  8974 emadba   1162M 1102M sleep  100    -   0:23:25 0.0% oracle/1
  8970 emadba   1162M 1102M sleep  100    -   0:23:23 0.0% oracle/1
  8995 emadba   1162M 1102M sleep  100    -   0:23:21 0.0% oracle/1
 29517 sogadm     55M   37M sleep   59    0   0:20:08 0.0% PluginContainer/99
 28556 sogadm    281M  126M sleep   59    0   0:21:17 0.0% java/58
 24721 sogadm     46M   24M sleep   59    0   0:20:14 0.0% PluginContainer/93
  2228 root       35M 2104K sleep  100    -   0:41:18 0.0% rpc.pmfd/79
 13099 sogadm     83M   57M sleep   59    0   0:16:22 0.0% PluginContainer/333
 NPROC USERNAME  SIZE   RSS MEMORY      TIME  CPU                             
    46 sogadm   3427M 2107M   0.2% 107:28:27 7.7%
  1208 emadba   1326G 1062G   100%  12:03:42 0.6%
    80 root      778M  220M   0.0%   5:49:12 0.5%
     1 batchadm   15M  976K   0.0%   0:04:20 0.0%
     1 noaccess  163M   66M   0.0%   0:05:58 0.0%
     3 spmadmin   61M    0K   0.0%   0:00:00 0.0%
     1 smmsp    7392K 1496K   0.0%   0:00:01 0.0%
     4 daemon     12M 2664K   0.0%   0:00:04 0.0%


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Old 11-03-2009
Time to buy another terabyte of RAM Smilie
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Old 11-03-2009
Please check for any idling..
Maybe your DBA will know better which are the processes that can be killed. There could be some processes not terminated by themselves

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Old 11-03-2009
Thx incredible for the suggestion, but i didn't got your point what I have check?

What you mean by idling?
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Old 11-03-2009
Originally Posted by Asteroid
Thx incredible for the suggestion, but i didn't got your point what I have check?

What you mean by idling?
it just means the processor is doing nothing..as you run other apps you will see it dropping down from 100%....I would get worried if it were running at 0% as then you would have problems. It just means it is 100% idle.

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And also would like to check the amount of physical memory in your system plus the assigned swap space.. Is your swap equivalent or more than your physical RAM?
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Old 11-03-2009
bash-3.00# swap -s
total: 9051592k bytes allocated + 2947960k reserved = 11999552k used, 2640008k available


bash-3.00# prtdiag -v | grep Memory
Memory size: 8184 Megabytes

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Old 11-03-2009
Don't focus on this bogus statistic. You simply can't have 1+ TB (1024 GB) used when 8 GB is installed. Have a look at the prstat manual page (last sentence) for a clue.

On the other hand, you have allocated 9 GB of memory so there is a RAM shortage in your box.
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