rlogin help!

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Operating Systems Solaris rlogin help!
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Old 10-29-2009
rlogin help!

Guys, I'm running solaris 9 on two systems: 1 and 2, let's say.

From 1, if I say
rlogin 2

, i can just login. No passwd prompt!
From 2, if I say
rlogin 1

, it asks for the passwd. (able to login with a passwd)

But, they both have the same config files, same set up, same network etc.
What am I missing here? Why is one asking for it and the other one isn't?
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Old 10-29-2009
I would say they haven't the same configuration files (/etc/host.equiv, ~/.rhosts).
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Old 10-29-2009
Do both reverse lookups on the servers' addresses work from both servers?
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Old 10-29-2009
@jlliagre: .rhosts is fine. I need to check for the host.equiv

@Smiling Dragon: Reverse lookup fails on both!! How do I fix it??
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Old 10-30-2009
Sorry, that should read "/etc/hosts.equiv". Also make sure all hosts are set in the respective /etc/hosts files.
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Old 10-30-2009
You can fix reverse lookup issues in a hurry (and rather ugly) by adding the servers to your /etc/hosts files.

Or you can put the IP addresses instead of hostnames in your hosts.equiv file.

Edit: Oh, the /etc/hosts this is pretty much what jlliagre just said Smilie

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Old 10-30-2009
Ok. But my /etc/hosts has these entries:
Code: system1 system2

I'm not at work so I can't look at that hosts.eqiv for the next 12 hrs. I'll get back to you after that!

Thanks guys!
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