Compiling Speed Issues in Solaris 10

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Operating Systems Solaris Compiling Speed Issues in Solaris 10
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Old 10-22-2009
Compiling Speed Issues in Solaris 10

Hello All

Our development team is about to compile a code and the issue is with time. This server's LDOM has 56 virtual CPUs each 1.4GHz and the memory is 8GB with 4 GB free. The problem is for the same compiling other server takes 15 minutes and this requires 30 minutes. Please let me know your valuable suggestions for improving the compiling speed on this server.

Thanks in advance for the help

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Old 10-22-2009
Is the other also an LDOM and with the same specs?
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Old 10-22-2009
The number of virtual CPUs doesn't make that much difference for compiling a code which is probably a mostly single threaded task. (unless parallel make is used)
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