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Operating Systems Solaris Network cards - Routing
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Old 10-20-2009
Network cards - Routing

Hi all

I hate networking, I hate everything to do with it. Its something I do in anger in one contract, then forget. This is more of a question / than a problem.

So, on a solaris 10 server, using older qfe cards, Ive got a sun truck with 4 nics (qfe0,3,4,7), and a ipmp pair (hemo0,qfe1). All on the same subnet / ip range. I want traffic to go out of the qfe trunk and not the ipmp pair.

Ive created 4 zones, and am using the shared ip of the trunk as the network link.

How do I adjust the route table to make the qfe route more favourable ?

Routing Table: IPv4
  Destination           Gateway           Flags  Ref     Use     Interface
-------------------- -------------------- ----- ----- ---------- ---------
default               UG        1         78
default               UG        1         41 qfe0           U         1         12 hme0:1           U         1          0 hme0            U         1          0 hme0:1              UH        4        224 lo0

I suppose I should really put the global zone onto a different subnet. But, I need to understand routing a little better. So, any help ??
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Old 10-21-2009
You ARE using the qfe for your route, isn't it so??
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Old 10-22-2009
let me ask the question from a different point of view. My globalzone uses qfe1 + hme0 as an ipmp pair. My zones uses a sun trunk using 4 other qfe ports. The zones and the global zone are all on the same subnet. So, my questions / worries are :-

1) Is it advisable to allocate the gz and the zones with IP's on the same subnet ? I read somewhere that its advised that zones be on a different subnet to the global zone ?

2) How will traffic be routed if there are two different cards / channels to the same subnet? Will the traffic to the gz route via the ipmp pair, or will it go over via the sun trunk, and vice versa with traffic on the trunk ? Which card does the OS use to send out its traffic ? Im a little unclear on the routing aspect. When the server comes up, it finds the IPMP pair, does it then make this the default route out ?? Then when the second link is created, due to it being faster, does it then make that the default link ?

3) An MS guy here told me that within windows you can specify metrics / loadings on the card. So, you can make a card the preferred route out by wither raises or lowering its metrics. So, you can have 4 cards on the same subnet, but raises the metrics on the fastest one, to make that the default. Is this the same with solaris ?? The only metrics regarding network cards were when you added a metric at the end of a route add command, to tell the system how many `hopes` will have to do to get to its destination. Is this the case ?

Like I said, my network / routing abilties are poor, so simple terms :-)

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