Restricting FTP access for a particular directory

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Operating Systems Solaris Restricting FTP access for a particular directory
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Old 10-14-2009
Restricting FTP access for a particular directory

Dear All,

I have created a user called "x" who is allowed only to FTP and it is working fine. Here my problem is, I want to give access to a particular directory say for eg:- /dump/test directory. I don't find any option in the useradd command to restrict access to this particular directory only where the "x" user can upload/download files on this directory only.

System details:

Sun Solaris 5.9

Can anyone please help me on this.

Many thanks in advance.

With reg,
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Old 10-14-2009
Create a chroot jail for X where the root & login directory is /dump/test/directory.
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