Solaris 5.6 single user mode

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris 5.6 single user mode
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Old 10-13-2009
Solaris 5.6 single user mode


We are performing a level 0 dump of our server having Solaris 5.6 .
I wanted to be sure about taking the server to single user and multi user mode on solaris server.

single user mode : init 1
multiuser mode (restart) : init 6

is the above procedure correct for solaris 5.6

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Old 10-13-2009
don't know about solaris 6, but in the later versions (7,8 and 9) the init levels are "s" for single user and "3" for multiuser mode.
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Old 10-13-2009
You commands are correct:

"init s" and "init 1" are slightly different but both putting the OS into single user mode. This is true for all Solaris releases including Solaris 2.6 (a.k.a. SunOS 5.6). Better using "init 1" as you won't be logged out.

"init 6" will reboot the OS and when done and if nothing fails will put it in run level 3 (by default). Better using "init 3" from single user mode as it will be faster.
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Old 10-14-2009


"init s" and "init 1" are slightly different
Please elaborate more on this
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Old 10-14-2009
There is no other difference than the one I already pointed out as far as you are concerned. i.e. going to single user mode from multi-user.
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