Fresh install of solaris 10 using an ISO

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Operating Systems Solaris Fresh install of solaris 10 using an ISO
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Old 10-12-2009
Fresh install of solaris 10 using an ISO

Hi all

Im rebuilding an 6800 domain with solaris 10. Server is located in a different town and cant be bothered to drive down and install a dvd into its drive.

So, apart from jumpstarting it and using a local DVD, is there a way I can an ISO image to build a new client ?? eg. mount an ISO on the server, then use that ?

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Old 10-12-2009
you can do this on the newer servers with an ILOM interface but not with a SF6800. i've never done this but there should be a WAN-boot option within jumpstart so you can boot a server over http. but you'll need a jumpstart server on the other end of the line.

one option you can maybe use is to setup a new domain inside the 6800 and use the old domain as a jumstart server. after installing the new solaris in the new domain you can add the remaining SB and IB board to the new domain and destroy the old one. but you need a minimum of two SB and IB boards to do this.

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Old 10-19-2009
Hi Duke,

Ive just read up/ leanrt about wan boot / dhcp with jumpstart and too much of a ball ache. I can domain the 6800, as its already been split into two domains and Ive only got two sets of IO boards / boats.

In the end I installed the boot server part of the jumpstart on a admin server nearby in the same subnet and installed the configuration server on my big M5000 where I am.

Worked a treat :-)


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