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Operating Systems Solaris zones
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Old 10-01-2009


I need a help in creating a zones.I am trying to create zone in Sun fire T1000 server with single cpu / 8 gb Ram / 73 gb hdd.I am planning to install java based application on two different zones. iam planning to install solaris 10.

Can some one suggest what is the best way to create two zones, how to assign memory /Cpu /Hdd. for two different zone


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Old 10-01-2009
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Old 10-01-2009
While certainly possible, assigning CPU and memory to a zone isn't a requirement. It is usually better to let them shared between zones unless you have specific requirements.
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Old 10-01-2009
yeah, the "fair share scheduler" is doing a pretty good job with solaris zones...
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Old 10-02-2009

I would use FSS aswell, as the underlying resources arent that meaty. Let the FSS decide, also later on you can always enforce shares if you want.

The next question is whether you want sparse / or non sparse zones ? i.e. non-sparse = complete copy of the OS or sparse when you are sharing the global zone's core directories e.g. lib /bin etc etc. I would opt for non-sparse due to the sizr of your root drives / applications.

After that, Shared / Exclusive ip ?? I would imagine, due to the level of resources on your server, you would go for shared-ip. Makesl ife far easier.

So, an example of the zone config would be :-

create -b
set zonepath=/zones/roots/app-svr
set autoboot=true
set bootargs="-m verbose"
# Zone CPU Resources
set scheduling-class=FSS
# Zone Network Configurations
set ip-type=shared
add net
set address=X.X.X.X/25
set physical=qfe1
set defrouter=X.X.X.X
add attr
set name=comment
set type=string
set value="Application Server"

Put all that into a file call app1.cfg, then assuming the hostname is app-svr :-

# zonecfg -z  app-svr  -f app1.cfg
# zonecfg -z  app-svr   verify

# zoneadm list -icv    - lists all zones
# zoneadm -z app-svr install
# zoneadm -z app-svr  ready
# zoneadm -z app-svr  boot

# zlogin -C app-svr

:-) Easy.


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Old 10-02-2009
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Thank You.

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