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Operating Systems Solaris Mirroring Setup Step
# 8  
Old 10-02-2009
You need to backup any data you want to save, destroy the pool and newfs the slice(s).
# 9  
Old 10-11-2009
I found something weird

# metastat d4
d4: Mirror
    Submirror 0: d41
      State: Okay
    Submirror 1: d42
      State: Resyncing
    Resync in progress: 3 % done
    Pass: 1
    Read option: roundrobin (default)
    Write option: parallel (default)
    Size: 166937472 blocks (79 GB)

d41: Submirror of d4
    State: Okay
    Size: 166937472 blocks (79 GB)
    Stripe 0:
        Device     Start Block  Dbase        State Reloc Hot Spare
        c0t0d0s4          0     No            Okay   Yes

d42: Submirror of d4
    State: Resyncing
    Size: 166937472 blocks (79 GB)
    Stripe 0:
        Device     Start Block  Dbase        State Reloc Hot Spare
        c1t0d0s4          0     No            Okay   Yes

when i mount it
mount -F ufs /dev/md/dsk/d4 /u02

it show me
/dev/md/dsk/d4          39G    40M    39G     1%    /u02

it should be 79 GB.

any idea on it?
# 10  
Old 10-11-2009
This suggests that the filesystem was built to 39G. Try growing the fs,

See - Expanding a File System Using the growfs Command (Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide) - Sun Microsystems
# 11  
Old 10-11-2009
Thanks guru, You are right. =)
# 12  
Old 10-12-2009
Originally Posted by SmartAntz
if i want to switch from ZFS to UFS
is it need to format the disk first before switch to UFS?
There is no possibility how to change from ZFS to UFS.
If you prefere to use UFS / but I am not sure why??? / you must backup data from ZFS pool, destroy ZFS pool / zfs destroy / , create new partitions on cleared devices / fdisk /, then create new filesystem / newfs /, mount new devices / mount / and restore data back.
Just one advice.... ZFS is much more advanced filesystem then UFS, if you learn how to use it is much better.
# 13  
Old 10-12-2009
Probably not ideal in term of overhead but you might create an UFS filesystem on top of a ZFS volume and benefit from several ZFS features like snapshots and clones.
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