Replacing a faulty volume

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Operating Systems Solaris Replacing a faulty volume
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Old 09-16-2009
Replacing a faulty volume

Hi All,

I replace a sub-mirror of a mirrored volume by using below command:
#metadetach   d10(mirror)    d11(striped)
#metattach   d10    d13(other striped)

With above process I successfully replaced a faulty volume. I want to knoow if the process I followed is right. Or if not, what should be right step to replace it.

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Old 09-16-2009
You could have used metareplace(1m), but that should be fine, run:
# metastat d10

and confirm that it is fully synchronised.
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Old 09-24-2009
Why didn't use
#metattach d10 d11
instead? Just asking..
You could also do
#metareplace -e d10 cxtxdxsx
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Old 09-25-2009
Hello Incredible,

#metareplace -e d10 cxtxdxsx

What it actually does? Because if we need to replace a slice by another than we must have to detach and attach the slice (striped).

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Old 09-25-2009
You may wish to understand the definition from here
UNIX man pages : metareplace (1M)
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Old 09-25-2009
all good stuff. however, please be cautious of the type of disk you are dealing with. metareplace works well with scsi disks but not so much with fcal. meaning, if you cfgadm a scsi disk, metareplace works. however, fcal (say a v880) you would need to break the mirror (deattach) and then after the disk replacement, attach it. also, this is just from what i've seen... Smilie
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