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How to create a Solaris patch package

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Operating Systems Solaris How to create a Solaris patch package
# 8  
Old 09-15-2009
If i create a new package version, how do i upgrade the older version.

I am not aware of any upgrade package command on solaris similar to "rpm -U" on linux.
# 9  
Old 09-15-2009
"rpm -U" is equivalent to "pkgrm/pkgadd" if a new version is available and do nothing otherwise.
There is no equivalent to Solaris patches with rpm or similar.
# 10  
Old 09-16-2009
So consider I create a new version of the package.
While issuing a pkgadd command, system issues a warning that an instance of the same package exits.

How do i get around with this?
# 11  
Old 09-16-2009
As already I wrote, start with removing the older instance with pkgrm.
# 12  
Old 09-16-2009
Okie ..
# 13  
Old 09-16-2009
check this out... maybe this will help: Application Packaging Developer's Guide - Sun Microsystems
# 14  
Old 09-17-2009

I have that doc.
Regoing gave some more information.

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