Apache 2 doesnt create SMF service at installation

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Operating Systems Solaris Apache 2 doesnt create SMF service at installation
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Old 09-07-2009
Apache 2 doesnt create SMF service at installation

Hello everybody,

I intended to use Apache 2 first time on my S10 U7 box. But the package (V2) is not ok for the developpers and they need 2.2.12 somehow. I removed Apache 1.3 and installed 2.2.12 with the stream package which I downloaded from Sunfreeware.com

It's running perfectly if I start it from console with root privileges.

Then I needed to use SMF for security etc. related thing. I researched a lot and found some documents which are explaning clearly almost everthing.

The only thing which I dont understand is , does the Apache 2 installation package creates automatically SMF service or not.

After this explanation here are my questions ;

- Is there an official Apache 2 (v2.2 or higher) package at Sun's site ?
- If not, the package and the site which I use is ok ? If not could you please advice me another ?
- Does the Apache installation creates itself the SMF service ?
- If not, what should I do ?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Old 09-07-2009
Try this:

My machine is Solaris 10u7 and has Apache 2.0.63 installed. If you installed the package from Sun Freeware check the services start methods and make sure they point to the proper version. Commands:
# svcs -a | egrep 'http|apache'
# svccfg export apache_FMRI | less
# less start_method_script_in_FMRI
# # There should be a line that sets a variable called APACHE_HOME
# # cd to the APACHE_HOME directory
# bin/apachectl -v

If the version the FMRI points to isn't the right one you will most likely have to modify the APACHE home line in the FMRI's startup script to point to the sun freeware version you installed which is typically /usr/local for Sun Freeware packages.

I hope this helps.
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Old 09-08-2009

Thanks for your reply.

When I checked the services list, I havent seen anything related httpd or apache.

So I decided to use Sun's guide to create SMF services.

BigAdmin Feature Article: Configuring Sun Java System Identity Manager as a Service for the Solaris 10 OS

It was very easy and quick. After copy /paste of XML example, I changed some lines and runned the service commands.

Now it's working as a SMF service.

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