Adding multiple virtual interfaces on a non global zone.

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Operating Systems Solaris Adding multiple virtual interfaces on a non global zone.
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Old 08-28-2009
Adding multiple virtual interfaces on a non global zone.

Hello All,
I have a requirement to add multiple virtual interfaces on a non-global zone (Solaris 10). The global zone is a 2 node Veritas Cluster Server. So, my question is do we have to make any modifications to the cluster config (which I think should not be the case)? Can anyone help with me the steps for adding the interfaces?

# zoneadm list -iv
0 global running / native shared
2 mach41 running /zones/mach41 solaris9 shared
- mach35 installed /zones/mach35 solaris9 shared

# hastatus -sum
-- System State Frozen
A mach72 RUNNING 0
A mach73 RUNNING 0
-- Group System Probed AutoDisabled State
B ClusterService mach72 Y N OFFLINE
B ClusterService mach73 Y N OFFLINE
B NetworkSG mach72 Y N ONLINE
B NetworkSG mach73 Y N ONLINE
B mach35 mach72 Y N OFFLINE
B mach35 mach73 Y N ONLINE
B mach41 mach72 Y N ONLINE
B mach41 mach73 Y N OFFLINE

As can be seen from the above command output, I need to add virtual interfaces to the systems mach35 and mach41.

Thanks in advance.

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Old 08-28-2009
Do you use VCS for controlling the zone? Unless VCS has to control/monitr the interface I see no reason why you have to add configuration on VCS. Treat your virtual machine as a physical machine and configure virtual interface. When you boot a zone, interfaces will be started.
Create hosyname.{interface}:1 file with IP address required and restart zone.
to setup virtual IP on runnign zone
ifconfig {interface}:1 plumb
ifconfig {interface:1  {IP} netmask {mask} up

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Old 08-28-2009
If you want to add a virtual interface to a zone, you do it with the zonecfg command. If you also want the interface to be set without waiting for a zone reboot, use the ifconfig command that way:

ifconfig ce0 addif zone zonename netmask up

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Old 08-31-2009
Thanks a lot to all of you for helping me with this.

The reason for having VCS is that the local zones host internet sites. Hence having VCS would have high availability.

My concern is when I add the virtual interfaces as suggested by Jlliagre, will the zones file be updated?

"ifconfig ce0 addif zone zonename netmask up"

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Old 08-31-2009
As I wrote but perhaps it wasn't clear enough, they aren't updated. You need to use the zonecfg command to have the zone files updated (or directly edit them).
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Old 09-01-2009
Ok, so I intend to do the following:

# zonecfg -z <zonenname>
then add net; insert the ip addresses;verify and commit.

I would then manuall copy the /etc/zones/zones.xml file to the other node to have the same copy of the zone.

Now my question is, once I make these changes, will the newly added ip addresses be plumbed on my local zones? Does giving an "ifconfig -a" on the global zone will show the newly added ip addresses as wel? Also in an event, that the cluster failovers (global zone), will the newly added ip addresses be shown as up in the other node?

Thanks for showing patience with me Smilie

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Old 09-01-2009
I was answering about how to add multiple interfaces on a non global zone.
I have no idea about if it is supported or not with any clustering software. You might better ask to your software vendor about it to make sure it doesn't have side effects.
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