Help needed...solaris 10 crashing after installation

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Operating Systems Solaris Help needed...solaris 10 crashing after installation
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Old 08-26-2009
Help needed...solaris 10 crashing after installation

I installed solaris 10 in my amd based system with 512 mb ram. After installation it booted poping up the grub menu...after that...

It showed something like....rougly

syncing file systems....[1] [1] [1]................ done (not all i/o completed)
dumping kernel compreesion ratio 2:1 succeded

its rebooting everytime

later i tried single user mode....i wasnt succesfful for 1st 3 attempts..then later i was successful...but again when i tried it isnt..

now i tried inserting my dvd again......booted from it....same error "syncing file systems..done" not getting the isntallation menu either...

Please help me friends
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Old 08-26-2009
check the solaris hcl for your components...

Solaris OS: Hardware Compatibility Lists
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