How to check free space for a metadevice in a diskset

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Operating Systems Solaris How to check free space for a metadevice in a diskset
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Old 08-26-2009
How to check free space for a metadevice in a diskset

Anyone know then command to check the unallocated disk space for a metadevice in a disk set? like:


Something similar to veritas command below is what I'm looking for:

vxassist maxgrow <volume>

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metarecover -v -n -s data d801 -p

that did the trick.

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This produced output like this:

The following extent headers were found on data/d801.
Name Seq# Type Offset Length

data/d950 0 ALLOC 3179283327 10485761
data/d955 0 ALLOC 3168797535 10485761
NONE 0 END 3302785023 1
NONE 0 FREE 3189769088 113015935
NONE 0 FREE 3179283296 31
NONE 0 FREE 3168797504 31

Anyone know an easy to convert this readouts to GB ?

I did this but it seems a little off:

bash-3.00# echo "(113015935*512)/1073741824" | bc

53Gb available?
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Old 08-26-2009
Take this with a grain of salt - I'm a little outside my area of expertise here Smilie
I would say you could check you answer by adding up the two extents listed as 'ALLOC' ie (10485761+10485761)*512/(1024^3) and see if that + 53 is the total size f the disk (minus some overhead and 62 blocks for the other 'free' spaces)
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