Iplanet LDAP User Authentication on Solaris

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Operating Systems Solaris Iplanet LDAP User Authentication on Solaris
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Old 08-25-2009
Iplanet LDAP User Authentication on Solaris

Dear Friends,

I have recently installed iplanet directory server on my Solaris 10 machine.I was able to successfully install and configure ldap on my system.Furthermore, was also able to add
user entries to the LDAP database server.But now I am finding it difficult to authenticate LDAP users at login.I would really appreciate if you could guide me as to how can I authenticate LDAP users on my solaris machine.Do I need to edit my pam.conf(which I tried) or make some additional changes?


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Old 08-27-2009
If your current pam.conf is the "out of the box" version then yes it will need amending for LDAP.
Here is an example pam.conf file for Solaris 10 from Sun:
Note that it is rather different for Solaris 10 to previous Solaris versions.
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