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Operating Systems Solaris Simple FTP Question
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Old 08-13-2009
CPU & Memory Simple FTP Question

I'm a newbie and have hopefully a simple question. I have serveral users with FTP accounts but I want to have a single user that only has access to a single directory in /htdocs.

How do I modify ftpdpro.conf so that the single user when they FTP in goes directly to the directory instead of their home directory like they others are jailed to?

I tried usermod –d /local/apache/htdocs/singleuser but that didn't work...

Thank you!!!
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Old 08-13-2009
Is there a reason you cannot make the FTP inbound user's home directory a symlink to where you want it to go? We do that all the time. /etc/passwd points to a link in the jail, the actual "home" directory is somewhere else. And the /usr directory in the jail still works.
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