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Operating Systems Solaris Server Migration
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Old 08-06-2009
Thanks Duke . Actually there is a shortage of fund and we are already having a server with solaris 8 hence we are migrating to it . And due to same reason (shortage of fund) we cannot develop new system
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Old 08-08-2009
Thanks to for all the replies . This server is very old and the company is not paying much for the migraton activity . So we neither can hire a DBA nor a UNIX Admin . So it will be very helpful if some one can provide me the complete step by step procedure to do th migration
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Old 08-08-2009
Originally Posted by asalman.qazi
So it will be very helpful if some one can provide me the complete step by step procedure to do th migration
nobody can do something like this without knowing the whole environment... we can help you with errormessages or a little "how to copy data from a to b"... but doing the whole thing is nothing that can be done remotly!
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Old 08-09-2009
thanks for detailed reply sparcguy
i will explain you the whole scenario
we have a server that is having solaris 7 and oracle 8

now we are having level 0 back up (complete backup of our old srver on a tape)

now we need to creat the filesystem on the new server and import every thing of the old server onto the new

i am very new to UNIX and i also do not have any DBA support in this activity

So it would be very help ful if you can provide any step by step procedure to carry out this activity . I can give you the complete scenario and the details of the filesystem and databases if i can get your mailid.
Thanks . You have already given me a direction. Furher help will help me a lot . Thaks

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actually i have to submit complete process to my managers before carrying on the actitvity . So if i provide complete environment details , will you be able to give me if not the step by step procedure , then atleast a vague idea of the various steps that will bee involved in this activity.

actually I am new to UNIX and i am also not having any DBA support in this activity so i am in dire need of all the information

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Old 08-10-2009
The application you can more or less port over, database you can import from database export dump file, what is more difficult and uncertain are all the little bits and pieces of scripts or programs and little customization here and there scattered all over and added by all the different past sys admins these are the real unknowns, there no way to know what is left out until you port over, thats why I advocate preserve the old disk or if possible build on another system, unless you are very confident of the upgrade that you are planning to do otherwise don't destroy the old system.

Another thing is you cannot expect people in this forum to migrate whole system for you, we are not your helpdesk many of us have our own systems to support. We can offer advise but the rest is up to you, you have to make it your own way.

If you think this migration is very difficult please get professional help, is not possible to migrate based on somebody advise from forum, somebody needs to be familiar with the system and If you say you are new to Unix, seriously I cannot think of a reason why you would agreed to do this in first place? If the system you migrated cannot startup have you thought about what will happen to you or your job?

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I've been thinking about how you can try to do this. Since you dunno anything about unix can try this first.

Maybe as a trial for yourself, you can do a DR on your own server using seperate new hardisk to get a feel for what it is like and maybe build some confidence level in this and also treat it as a feasibility study.

Take level 0 cold backup of database.
Take df -k output
Take ifconfig -a
Take netstat -rn
Take seperate backup of /etc
eg: (tar cvfp /tmp/etc.tar ./etc) <<-- relative tar using ./

Logon to your database
connect internal
spool /tmp/listing.txt
select file_name from dba_data_files;
spool off
Simulated DR
Install on new hardisk or new system Solaris 2.6 with all the patches.
Use same IP address from ifconfig -a output
Create the filesystem based on df -k output and listings.txt
restore your database including the oracle_home, oracle binaries
move etc.tar to new server and place under /var/tmp
under /var/tmp run tar xvfp ./etc.tar so you will have /var/tmp/etc
copy in file by file from /var/tmp/etc to /etc on new system.
Files like passwd, shadow, hosts, resolv.conf, nsswitch.conf, system, services
Reboot the new system try to startup your database and use your application, does it comes up? does it works? What is missing, take note of what is missing what is giving error. Why is it giving error, take note of whatever is giving error and whatever it missing & refer to your old system for help.

You need to resolve all the errors before you proceed with any migration because the migration you gonna face these similar problems. If you cannot resolve don't do the migration, if you still want to do the migration without resolving these errors, go stick your head into the lions cage or stick your hand into the polar bear cage, it's a faster suicide.

That's why DO NOT DESTROY the old system.

Once you accomplished this DR you will have more confidence and can have better idea what the migration going to be like.

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Old 08-10-2009
Thanks . I will do all the stuff . Actually i have not agreed for this . It is being forced on me.So I am going through all the documentations and all the stuff and improving my unix skills .I have been given 4 months to develop my skills and then carry out the back up
i will do more work on this and will come out with some intelligent questions so that i do not look stupid on this forum.
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Old 08-10-2009
I didn't mean to be too harsh on you but there are a lot of forumers here who are real lazy buggers & a lot of times they ask for help and later it turns out all they want are quick answers for their school "Homework" or some sun certification question so instead of reading up material for the answer they try poking around for a possible answer or a close match or they try pretending to be really desperate and distressed. So they actually act in bad faith when they do this.

When you started asking everyone for "detailed steps" you raised my suspicion. If you are truthful, do it first then when you hit problems post it here and the people here will see you at least made some effort to find it out for yourself and they will help you.

Just do the DR you will soon gain confidence and thru all the hard knocks on your head I can guarantee you your skillset and knowledge will improve dramatically and at the end of it you won't need anybody to give you the steps to do the migration, you will come out with the detailed steps for the migration by yourself.
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