Solaris RAID0 doubt...

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris RAID0 doubt...
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Old 07-27-2009
Solaris RAID0 doubt...

Suppose I am typing metastat command and it is showing:

d100: Concat/Stripe
    Size: 369495 blocks (180 MB)
    Stripe 0: (interlace: 32 blocks)
        Device   Start Block  Dbase     Reloc
        c1d0s0      16065     Yes       Yes
        c1d0s1          0     No        Yes

I wish to know how do I know which method of RAID 0 it is ( concatenated or stripe)???

Is there any specific way to distinguish between concatenated and striped volumes of RAID 0 through some command?

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Old 07-27-2009
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Old 07-27-2009
ok , i will do so.
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Old 07-27-2009

for me , the most easy is with command "metastat -p"

for example one one metadevice type "concat" of three components appear

d50 3 1 c5t0d0s0 c5t1d0s0 c5t2d0s0

however one metadevice type "stripe" appear

d50 1 3 c5t0d0s0 c5t1d0s0 c5t2d0s0 -i 32b

Note the diference in the order in the digits after of the metadevice name, additionally, one "stripe" metadevice include "-i" option, thats mean the interlace size for the read/write operation in the Stripe device.

I hope that this be useful
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Old 07-28-2009
i will try the metastat -p command...thanks a lot.
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