reducing to root file size

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Operating Systems Solaris reducing to root file size
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Old 07-26-2009
reducing to root file size

My root file size has reached 80% and I am looking where all i can reduce the file size . Here is the output of top directories in / . To me none of this looks useful but not sure . We use an appplication and email. Which all can be deleted . Please advise .

989445 /var
930059 /usr
751870 /var/tmp
298876 /usr/openwin
212598 /usr/openwin/lib
176250 /var/sadm
173481 /usr/lib
142358 /var/sadm/pkg
131112 /var/tmp/Exu9aaWs
131112 /var/tmp/Extma4Kb
131112 /var/tmp/ExjuaOLS
131112 /var/tmp/Exh9ayoP
131112 /var/tmp/Exa3a4v4
118303 /usr/dt
118228 /usr/openwin/lib/locale
65833 /usr/dt/appconfig
51012 /usr/j2se
50470 /usr/share
44680 /usr/share/man
43240 /var/tmp/ExAraaZo
39720 /usr/j2se/jre
38733 /usr/j2se/jre/lib
37986 /usr/sadm
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Old 07-26-2009
SUN Solaris page has the hint for you
Please housekeep your apps logs.
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Old 07-26-2009
Can we get a "df -h" or "df -k" to go along with the du ?
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