Question about copying files in Solaris

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Operating Systems Solaris Question about copying files in Solaris
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Old 07-21-2009
Question about copying files in Solaris

Hi everyone,

What is the Solaris equivalent of cp -u? I'm copying files from one directory to another, and I'd like to only copy files which are newer.

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Old 07-21-2009
use "find" to get files that are newer and pipe them to "cp"...
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Old 07-21-2009
`find` is a great tool for this but in some cases `rsync` might be more effective. Your mileage may vary.
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Old 07-21-2009
Originally Posted by seg
`find` is a great tool for this but in some cases `rsync` might be more effective. Your mileage may vary.
rsync isn't part of solaris... so i recommended find...
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Old 07-21-2009
Thanks for the find suggest. I'll try it out.
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