Anyone Using Slackware Anymore?

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Operating Systems Linux Slackware Anyone Using Slackware Anymore?
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Old 12-01-2013

No one here uses Slackware as a main OS, but it is among the options we have around for compare and contrast uses ... cheers, drl

# Uptimes for available machines 2013.12.01:
up   3 min      3 users: Antergos 3.11.4-1 (Arch) 
up  22 days     6 users: aptosid 2013.1 (Hesperides, Debian jessie/sid) 
up  25 days     5 users: CentOS 6.4 (Final) 
up   5 min      2 users: CRUX 3.0 
up  24 days     6 users: Debian (jessie) 
up  32 days     6 users: Debian 7.2 (wheezy, vm-server-ng) 
up  79 days     1 users: Debian 5.0 (lenny, vm-server) 
up  79 days     2 users: Debian 6.0 (squeeze, backups) 
up  95 days    42 users: Debian 5.0.8 (lenny, workstation) 
up  20 days    12 users: Fedora 19 KDE (Schrödinger's Cat) 
up  19 days     6 users: FreeBSD, 9.2-RELEASE-p9, amd64 
up  14 days     3 users: Mint 11 (Katya, LMDE, squeeze/sid) 
up   7 days     2 users: NetBSD 6.1.1/amd64 
up  15 days     3 users: OpenBSD, 5.3, amd64 
up  67 days     3 users: OpenIndiana Development oi_148 X86 
up  19 days     6 users: openSUSE 12.3 (Dartmouth) 
up 411 days     4 users: OSX 10.3.9 
up  12 days     6 users: Slackware 14.0

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Old 12-18-2013
Originally Posted by Neo
For one thing, I like all the Debian-style install tools like aptitude and apt-get...

Second, I like the huge install base and large community for Ubuntu and the way Ubuntu is well supported.
IMO it is strange to go from Slackware to Debian derived Ubuntu. I would have suggested openSUSE, since it is originally derived from Slackware. "zypper" in openSUSE works just as well, if not better than apt-get.

Here is one user's opinion about Zypper:
Zypper is the fastest and most powefull package manager front-end today. It uses SAT solver, wich is the best available dependency solution. It has many powerfull features Apt simply lacks like complete management within CLI. For example it is impossible configure/add/remove/enable/disable repository using APT command. Using Zypper it is simple task. Zypper has also the best informational output in nice tabular format, Yum is also great in this area. Zypper has also the best syntax format. You can run "zypper xxx" command in full or short format. It is far better to write "zypper in" instead of "zypper install". Almost every zypper command has such shortcut.

On the other hand Apt dependency solver is almost idiotic, and in addition it does not treat donwgrade as an option. Apt information output is chaotic mess and Apt syntax seems lika a bad joke at all. It is not a single tool, but some group of Apt-??? utilities completed without any sense. For example if You search package in package cache, you run Apt-cache command: "Apt-cache search". But when you want to refresh cache, you run Apt-get command: "Apt-get update". WTF???

Yum is far behind Zypper, but still much better than Apt, not because of features, but because it's usability. Yum has great informational output and syntax.

PS: Zypper can download packages in advance and install them at once as apt or yum, it is just not the default behaviour (from historical reasons) Open the configuration file /etc/zypp/zypp.conf and set:

commit.downloadMode = DownloadInAdvance

Since Opensuse 11.3, this behaviour will be default.

If you miss some feature in Zypper, it will probably be added soon. Although Zypper is the youngest project, it has themost features today and it is still under heavy development. Apt has not changed for years.
In the end pacman, zypper, apt-get, etc will all work just about the same so I guess it's really up to your personal preference.
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