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Old 12-03-2002
Java copy to tape notworking

I am copying a file to tape but it keeps failing, can any body help?
I tried the tar,cp, mv commands and not seems to be working

# Return Codes
# 0 - success
# 1 - failure


dat=`date +%y%m%d`

cp /u07/work/theo_test.log /dev/rmt0/exp_dump.${dat}.$$
if (( ${?} != 0 ))
echo "move to tape for oracle exp_dump.${dat}.$$ failed" > /u07/work/temp.$$
mailx -s "MOVE OUTPUT FOR ORACLE failed"< /u07/work/temp.$$
return 1

return 0


cp: /dev/rmt0/exp_dump.021203.55874: A parameter must be a directory.


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Old 12-03-2002
Your main problem is the name of your tape drive. You can't get it a random name as you are doing. You didn't tell what system you are using so I can't tell you the name of your tape drive. But it is probably something like: /dev/rmt/0m. It will already exist and you can do an ls -l on it.

You cannot give the resulting tape a "name" like you can a disk file.

And switch back to a program like tar that is tape-drive aware. Don't cp to a tape drive.
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