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sed command in c shell

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Old 11-08-2002
Data sed command in c shell


To insert a single quote at the end of every line in a file , I do this:

sed "s:$:':" temp.txt

Works like a charm in k shell, but errors out in c shell.

Any inputs what could be wrong here?

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Old 11-08-2002
try this..

sed -e "s/^\(.*\)$/\1\'/g" yourfile > newfile

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Old 11-08-2002
This also works on k shell but not on c shell.
I get a variable syntax error.
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Old 11-08-2002
sed 's:$:'\'\:
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Old 11-08-2002
Works great, perderabo.

Could you pl explain this elegant one liner to me?
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Old 11-08-2002
It is the same as yours with different quoting. With csh, a $ inside quote quotes won't fly. So I put it inside single quotes. The single quote cannot be inside a single quotes so I used a backslash on it. That left one character to be quoted, I used a backslash there as well.

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